Friends old and new
Some of these pictures have appeared in other sections
Miss Case-Morris, secretary, and Mrs Orgill, housekeeper at Attingham, 1950s With Mrs Mary Firth and Mrs Waddington With Alice and Elaine Reed Ruth Bell (later Ruth Nesfield-Cookson) Gwen Orgill, housekeeper at Attingham With Mrs R M Cruz-Parry at Attingham With John Shelley at Attingham With Peter Caddy With the Attingham admin staff With Ruth Bell and David Spangler With Bruce MacManaway, David Spangler and [?] With Oliver Matthews With R Ogilvy Cromie and Peter Caddy With Pir Vilayat Khan With Andrew Glarewski [?] With Sir Victor Goddard With Reshad Field, Ruth Bell and a certain Leonard With R Ogoilvie Crombie and Mary Swainson With Peter Dawkins With Peter Dawkins With Barbara Siddall With [?] Yonge at le Plan, France With Almut Martini in Germany With Almut Martini, Peter Dawkins and Geseke Clark With [?] With [?] [?] With Mark Rylance, Shakespearean theatre director With Geseke Clark and [?] With Geseke Clark and [?] Sir George and Geseke Clark With Rhoda Cowen With Rhoda Cowen With Anne MacEwen With Bob and Loni Armstrong With Anthony Chamberlaine With Anthony Chamberlaine Afternoon break at a conference in Eastbourne With Roger Orgill With Tom Welch With [?] With Palden Jenkins