The Wrekin Trust period - 1970s-80s
By Helen Trevelyan Sir George in Germany Sir George in 1973 Sir George at the Externsteine, Germany - an ancient German sacred site Sir George with Ruth Bell at Iona With (left to right) Mary Thomas, Mrs Broughton Legh OBE and Katherine Trevelyan on the memorial rock of the Bard Margaret Thornley, Chapel Carn Brea, Cornwall, 1973 A dashing Sir George with Andrew Glarewski At the Externsteine, Germany With a group of Americans led by Bernard Nesfield-Cookson With a group at Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire With American journalist Diana Gazes With the Essenes, led by Anne McEwen On a Wrekin Trust weekend at Hawkwood College, Stroud Singing with Geseke Clark, at dinner with Rhoda Cowen and On tour in Germany with Geseke Clark
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